Relationship-based Dog Training

Every dog trainer claims to use “positive methods”. I do not believe avoiding conflict or the word “no” is positive for ANY relationship. Conflict is an opportunity to deepen trust both in ourselves and in each other.

“No” is a useful piece of information, just like “yes” is a piece of useful information. Both words are important in clear communication.

I think anyone that advocates not using the word “no” in any relationship is mistaking “passive methods” for “positive ones”. Healthy relationship are inevitably a combination fun times and “opportunities for growth”. That is true no matter what species you happen to be.

Even butterflies must fly through the rain flowers need to bloom.

Handled with courage and love, the un-preferred moments of life help us learn about each other and learn about ourselves. It brings clarity to the path of relationship success.

Relationship-based Dog Training focuses on healthy relationship principles. Behavior is just one component of relationship and often is not the driving factor in relationship health. Focusing on behavior is not a reliable way to create healthy relationship. Cecelia offers an individualized relationship-based approach that ensures you and your dog have a healthy relationship that is nourishing and deepens over time.

Animal Communication

Animal communication helps people have a conversation with their animal companions. Cecelia’s priority is accuracy in conveying what your animal companion wants you to know without bias, judgments or personal filters. She feels this is of the utmost importance because this helps animals feel safe in the process and it helps people have the honest information that they are seeking. Cecelia has national and international animal communication clients. Being able to accurately facilitate conversations without limitations of distance gives new meaning to the idea of global connection between humans, animals and the Earth. We are all much more connected than we know. Cecelia brings a heart centered honesty to conversations she facilitates between humans and other animals.