The journey to becoming a relationship-based
dog trainer and animal communicator...

Cecelia was born with a great love of animals. She has learned as much from animals as  she has taught them since 1988 when she began her career as a professional dog trainer. The path deepened when in 1995 she became an animal communicator. The path to becoming an animal communicator helped her realize how much animals have to teach the humans they love, about many things but especially healthy relationship.

Cecelia’s growth as a person has been touched by every animals she has  worked with and some of their magnificent human guardians.

From the very beginning, with her first dog, Midnight, Cecelia has learned the best way  to train a dog is to listen. As she listened it became clear that dog training was about  more than behavior; it was about healthy relationship. The healthy relationship  principles she explained in dog training sessions often helped people to consider  healthy relationship in other places in their lives.

This way of doing dog training is Cecelia’s life path. In partnership with dogs and other  animals, Cecelia advocates for healthy relationship. Animals have much to teach us, if  we will listen.

Cecelia lives in Vancouver, WA with her daughter, kitty and 2 dogs.